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We manage the devices that move our world forward


Motive is reborn following
carve-out of Nokia’s device and
service management businesses

Austin, TX – April 8, 2024 – Following its carve-out of Nokia’s device and service management business, Lumine Group has created a stand-alone pure-play technology company called Motive, restoring and re-energizing the company’s original founding brand.

The industry leader in device and service management

>1.8B Devices Under Management
>120K Device Models Recognized
>1.0M Customer Service Representative Users
>10M Self-service Sessions Enabled Per Month


Join the growing number of communication providers using Motive’s cloud-native management software to connect, monitor, and manage billions of broadband access, CPE, and IoT devices.

Icon_SMP Service Management Platform Elevate customer care and cut call center operational expenses by making device related issues, workflows, and service activities visible across all channels.  
Icon_DMP Home Device Manager Remotely manage customer premise equipment (CPE) to unlock home broadband digital value and drive growth through the automation of smart home devices.  
Icon Impact ioT IMPACT IoT Unify the management of highly diverse and complex IoT applications with scalable device management, data collection and analytics, and application integration software.  
Icon Impact Mobile IMPACT Mobile Securely manage a vast array of mobile devices through the entire device lifecycle, while providing robust support for the growing population of eSIM-enabled devices.  
Icone_Secure Connect eSIM/iSIM Provisioning Coordinate the onboarding, management, and offboarding of cellular subscription profiles using embedded and integrated subscriber identity modules (eSIM/iSIM).  
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Broad Device Support Connect broadband routers, Wi-Fi® extenders, small cell devices, video set-top boxes, 5G/4G FWA services, femto access points, cable modems, mesh nodes, mobile, IoT, and smart home devices.
Simplified Device Deployment Activate, configure, and provision devices automatically with zero-touch capabilities, including large-scale or bulk management deployments.
Self-care Enablement Empower users with self-service capabilities, reducing customer service agent workloads, speeding up resolution times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Strong Security Automate distribution of security patches and fixes to ensure device software is always up to date, thereby minimizing security vulnerabilities.
Heightened Visibility Analyze omni-channel device and network data using predictive analytics to obtain a 360-degree perspective that is useful for troubleshooting and improving the customer experience.
Pre-built Dashboards Access technical troubleshooting widgets, omni-channel customer troubleshooting history, and customer-centric network maps that highlight device-specific diagnostics and available operations.
AI and Machine Learning Employ proprietary AI and ML algorithms to automate and execute workflows that improve system performance, reduce agent workloads, and lower operational costs.
Standards-based Integration Take advantage of broadband industry standards like TR-069 and TR-369, as well as equivalent mobile and IoT standards to quickly integrate with different networks, devices, and protocols, providing a reliable and future-proof solution.
Multi-dimensional APIs Seamlessly connect applications and OSS and BSS systems using multi-dimensional APIs that make it easier to integrate into existing infrastructure without significant disruptions or complex coding.
Growth Opportunities Employ the latest technology to serve rapidly growing market segments within the IoT and mobile industry, including device management for low power wide area (LPWA) networks and e-sim/i-sim provisioning of mobile devices.


Save Time
- Faster integration
- Faster system launch
- Faster responses to issues
Save Cost
- Reduced CSR agent workload
- Reduced operational costs
- Reduced complexity
Save Customers
- Improved self-care 
- Improved resolution times 
- Improved customer loyalty
Plus, generate revenue growth through the launch of new services and devices
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We are


Motive is the proven leader in device and service management solutions, with decades of experience spanning the largest and most successful service operators.


Motive offers software-as-a-service models, private or public cloud deployment, or on-premises technology to support the specific needs of your business. 


Motive is deployed at well over 150 customers, spanning more than 65 countries around the world.

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We serve more than 150 customers around the globe

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