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Mobile device management for a world that is constantly on the move


IMPACT Mobile is a cloud enabled, converged platform for securely managing an endless array of mobile devices. It allows enterprises and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to securely manage network-connected devices through the entire device lifecycle.  With support for mobile services such as voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), voice over LTE (VoLTE) service management, and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) client configuration, IMPACT Mobile can coordinate millions of devices, across multiple domains and protocols, in a single platform.
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Manage an endless array of mobile devices

Key Features

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Flexible Deployment Models

Deploy software on-premises or in the cloud, virtualized or on bare metal servers.

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eSIM Support

Take advantage of robust support for eSIM-enabled devices.

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Expansive Device Library

Leverage the industry’s largest device library to connect every device, cut factory provisioning costs, and ensure up-to-date service configurations.

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Zero-touch Activation

Automate activation, configuration, and provisioning of mobile devices to eliminate the need for manual setup efforts. 



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Self-service Empowerment

Improve customer satisfaction by simplifying device setup and enabling self-service capabilities.

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OTA Updates

Quickly distribute security patches and fixes, ensuring mobile devices up to date with the latest software and protected from vulnerabilities.

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Multi-dimensional APIs

Use pre-built APIs to seamlessly integrate with existing applications and OSS/BSS systems, reduce project risk and complexity.

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Standards Compliant

Ensure compatibility with different networks, devices, and protocols with support for OMA, 3GPP, IETF, and GSMA standards.

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Device Lifecycle Controls
Reduce costs and risk with comprehensive and automated device lifecycle management capabilities. 
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Advanced Data and Analytics
Securely store and serve IoT data at scale to power dashboards and update multiple enterprise stakeholders.
  • Entitlement Server
  • eSIM Gateway
  • Automotive identifier (AiD.02)

IMPACT Mobile Entitlement Server offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, empowering CSPs to cater to the evolving business requirements. With its advanced capabilities and integration possibilities, Motive’s Entitlement Server ensures a reliable and customizable user experience for ACME and TS.43 devices.

  • Supported eSIM-enabled devices: Ensures all devices owned by a user can be connected to the same cellular network and use the same phone number for calls and texts. Supports convenient features like temporary eSIM profile transfer between devices, which allows users to maintain connectivity even when their primary device is unavailable.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Creates additional revenue streams and enhances current service offerings with support for multi-SIM, plan transfer, geo-fencing, 5G performance boosting, On Device Service Activation (ODSA), External Websheets, eSIM primary device, and eSIM secondary devices (ex. watch and tablet activations).
  • Enhanced User Experience and Integration Capabilities: Integrates multiple systems, including authentication servers, operator IT systems, and external servers for customizations. Delivers a smooth experience for users and facilitates the enforcement of carrier policies and regulations.
  • Secure Connections: Implements authentication procedures (AAA, HSS) to establish secure connections between mobile devices and the carrier network.
  • Supports a Broad Range of Applications: Supports voice calls, messaging (FaceTime or iMessage), Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and data plans.
  • Cloud Hosting: Optional hosting in Motive’s cloud environment allows CSPs to get up to speed quickly, stay focused on core activities, and benefit from the latest IMPACT release. Motive performs fully managed upgrades, greatly simplifying operations.

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The IMPACT Mobile eSIM gateway is a versatile proxy service that plays a crucial role in the eSIM profiles lifecycle management.

It provides a common API service, connecting various internal systems, such as Customer's IT systems and the Entitlement server, with the SM-DP+ on ES2+ interface and SM-DP on ES2/ES4 interfaces. By providing a unified API service, the eSIM gateway streamlines the interaction between internal systems and the SM-DP+ and SM-DP, eliminating the need for separate integrations and reducing complexity. It serves as a bridge, enabling seamless communication and data exchange for eSIM profile lifecycle management.

The eSIM gateway offers proxy/redirect rules that support multiple SM-DP/SM-DP+ suppliers dynamically. This flexibility allows for easy integration with different eSIM profile management platforms, enabling active/active or active/standby redundancy architecture. This ensures continuous availability of eSIM profile management services, even if one supplier is unavailable or experiencing issues.

The Automotive Identifier (AiD.02) is a Mobility Service Provider (MSP) that enables mobile, content and automotive services to be easily federated and provisioned into cars and accessed via authentication.  

AiD.02 enables individuals to utilize their mobile subscriptions and mobile services through an in-car system. Users can seamlessly access and utilize their mobile service plans, such as voice calls, data services, and other mobile features, directly from their vehicles.

AiD.02 also manages the eSIM profiles specifically for automotive purposes, allowing for the provisioning and management of mobile services across multiple cars.


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