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Service Management Platform

Elevate customer care and cut call center operational expenses with Motive’s omnichannel customer experience platform.


Motive’s Service Management Platform
Is the choice of communication providers seeking to boost customer loyalty and achieve ROI – fast. With its fully configurable, extensible and customizable dashboard, Service Management Platform provides agents with troubleshooting widgets, detailed history information, and a customer-centric network map highlighting device diagnostics and available device operations. Using proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, workflows can be executed dynamically, driving troubleshooting actions that resolve customer issues rapidly using self-care and cost-optimized service paths.
Using Motive’s Service Management Platform
Information is visible across all channels, reducing data fragmentation and improving business efficiency. Relevant information is provided instantly to different audiences using a consistent user interface that spans channels and devices, enabling customers to fix their own issues, reducing agent workloads, and facilitating first contact resolution.
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Key Features

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Omni-Channel Service Management

Model and manage business logic across channels and devices to provide relevant content to different audiences in a unified way.

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Configurable Service Portals

Create custom care portals for IoT operations, enterprises, and other care applications using intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces.

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AI and Machine Learning

Employ AI and ML powered workflows to drive actions that deliver the fastest predicted resolution times for each customer.

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Predictive and Proactive Care

Execute proactive campaigns based on data-driven recommendations to lower the incidence of customer calls.



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Built-in Customer Care Workflows

Utilize over 1,000 pre-defined customer care workflows that run on a multitude of devices and channels.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Expose workflows, network analytics, and data insights through the optional Salesforce Service Cloud API to create a holistic subscriber view.

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Low-Code Integration Tools

Create new adapters for data sources and OSS/BSS integrations using software tools that reduce or eliminate code development requirements.

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Cloud and SaaS Options

Save 30-50% vs on-premises deployment costs with scalable cloud deployments or fully-hosted software as-a-service models.


  • Decreases help desk call volume and average handle time (AHT) with guided actions to customers, CSRs, and field technicians.
  • Increases first call resolution (FCR) rates by offering guided problem triage, troubleshooting and resolution workflows.
  • Reduces IT / care costs with low-code development and agile service modeling of advanced service troubleshooting and management logic across key elements of the existing service delivery ecosystem.
  • Optimizes customer experience by executing analytics-driven proactive care workflows to resolve problems before they become impactful.
  • Boosts self-care rates by enabling bot channels such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa
  • Reduces training needs by providing common care process automation for all devices, and all services, across all channels—call center, self-care, the field workforce, and third-party apps.
  • Minimizes complexity by removing the need for CSRs to have knowledge about the underlying systems or devices.
  • Reduces time-to-market by offering pre-built care “enablers” to deploy service management applications quickly.
  • Offer the lowest total cost of ownership and fastest deployment time with public cloud, private cloud, and SaaS deployment options.

KPI achievement examples

  • Digital contact rate of over 70%: a service provider in the Middle East
  • First contact resolution > 80%: a West Asian service provider
  • “No Fault found” rate less than 30%: a European communications provider
  • Escalation rate < 10%: a North American operator
  • Dispatch rate of less than 15%: a South American service provider

Cost savings examples

  • Fixed network broadband for home: Delivered $26M Opex savings over 3 years by enabling broadband problems to be saved without the use of field technicians.
  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA): Achieved savings of $150 per FWA customer through proactive resolution of issues.
  • Enterprise IoT services: Reduced processing time for reconfiguring complex enterprise IoT services to 5 seconds instead of 5 days.

“We are committed to digitizing our customer experience and reducing customer effort through meaningful customer interactions with higher on-the-spot resolution. This project has enabled us to re-design our workflows with increased effectiveness at a lower cost.”