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Catapult your Internet-of-Things (IoT) business ahead using the industry’s most complete platform for IoT device management, data collection, and analytics.


Motive’s IMPACT IoT Platform
Is a multi-tenant device management, data collection, and analytics solution for complex IoT projects. With its cloud-native foundations and flexible design, Motive’s software integrates into a wide variety of applications to enable vertical businesses to grow and thrive. It is uniquely capable of addressing the management of multi-dimensional security, protocol, access, and implementation challenges that are common in large-scale enterprise deployments, while accounting for specific network and device needs.
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Key Features

Unified Management Solution

Manage IoT devices, apply policies and upgrades, collect relevant performance and health data, and analyze metrics using an all-in-one software platform.  

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Flexible Application

Use IMPACT IoT to support smart applications for cities, utilities, asset management, transportation, and industrial use-cases.   

Cloud-Native Foundations

Run IMPACT IoT in the public or private cloud to quickly deploy and activate new services on a variety of connected devices.

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Multi-device, Multi-network

Integrate wireless tech such as 2G/3G/4G and 5G, LTE-M, Cat-M1, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and Sigfox. Deploy with 3GPP and non-3GPP networks.

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Standardized Protocols

Support standard protocols such as LWM2M, MQTT, MQTT-SN, OMA-DM, DLMS and Mbus.

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Security Safeguards

Monitor IoT devices, detect malware, and set security parameters to minimize the risk of successful attacks.

Easily Integrate and Onboard Devices

Employ zero-touch authentication and automate the complete enterprise IoT experience.

Device Lifecycle Controls

Reduce costs and risk with comprehensive and automated device lifecycle management capabilities.

Device Testing & Self-certification
Use cloud-based device testing and self-certification capabilities to expedite device onboarding and lower costs.
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Advanced Data and Analytics
Securely store and serve IoT data at scale to power dashboards and update multiple enterprise stakeholders.

Example IoT applications

Enterprise asset management IMPACT IoT’s remote monitoring enables asset management and asset tracking for applications ranging from anti-theft devices and cold chain logistics to luggage management. Businesses can remotely find and monitor, collect real-time asset information, and run detailed analytics on connected assets.
Energy management IMPACT IoT enables meter data and meter devices to generate instant visualization of energy consumption and daily operations, providing standardized data for daily readings and firmware upgrades. This allows for more effective billing, greater visibility into consumption, and increased safety, as well as helping to drive proactive maintenance activities. It also increases first call resolution (FCR) rates by offering guided problem triage, troubleshooting, and resolution workflows. 
Utilities IMPACT IoT enables water utilities to harness the full potential of digitalization in smart water metering systems. IMPACT IoT remotely manages the onboarding and provisioning of metering devices, enabling consumption to be tracked and water leaks to be proactively detected. Problems can be rapidly located and fixed thanks to acoustic leak detection, reducing the waste of valuable natural resources.  
Smart cities IMPACT IoT allows for the creation of smart and integrated cities. It increases municipal efficiency and improves peoples’ quality of life with applications such as smart lighting, smart waste, pollution remote monitoring, and smart parking. It not only provides energy saving benefits, but also delivers significant environmental benefits.
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“Immediately upon deployment, the IMPACT IoT solution demonstrated the value it can deliver.”
China Mobile Enterprise Applications Expert

Customer Case Study

As landslides and other destructive geological events increase in frequency around the world, densely populated areas such as China are at especially high risk. When landslides happen in areas like these, the potential for massive loss of life and extensive property damage is staggering. This makes early warning of these events critical, so authorities can take action to protect people and property.  

Motive partnered with China Mobile to develop a landslide monitoring and alarm system (LMAS) built on Motive’s IMPACT IoT platform. This system enables the BGIGC Group, a Chinese highway operations management company, to detect and respond more effectively to landslides along their roadways.

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