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Home Device

Remotely manage customer premise equipment (CPE) to unlock home broadband digital value, reap higher returns from differentiated services, and drive growth through the automation of smart home devices


Motive's Home Device Management
Empowers broadband service providers to remotely manage millions of TR-069 and TR-369 home broadband access devices, as well as IoT smart home devices. By 2030, there will be 1.6 billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide, and household bandwidth demand is expected to rise even further with the emergence of new smart home use cases. Grow your business by managing an endless array of home devices spanning multiple vendors using a standards-based, highly secure, and scalable home device management platform.
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HDM detail
Using Motive’s carrier-class software
Remotely on-board devices, gain access to vital diagnostic information, and view real-time data, while automating device monitoring, fault detection, and issue resolution. Proactively detect problems and implement recommended actions to immediately fix potentially disruptive quality of service issues in the home or access network.
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Key Features

Device Swap
Multi-Vendor Device Support

Remotely manage CPE devices from different vendors using industry standard TR-069 and TR369/USP communication mechanisms.

Broad CPE Device Coverage

Connect broadband routers, Wi-Fi® extenders, small cell devices, STBs, 5G/4G FWA services, femto access points, cable modems, mesh nodes and IoT smart home devices.

Full Device Management

Perform zero-touch provisioning, update configurations, complete software and firmware upgrades, and diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

Carrier-Class Scaling

Manage and maintain millions of home devices simultaneously through their full lifecycle, from on-boarding to deactivation.




Shorten your time-to-value with our cloud-native SaaS offering, featuring rapid service provisioning and regular upgrades.

Granular Device Data

Use HDM’s Traffic Regulation Module to collect highly detailed data from smart home devices for marketing reports, macro-level analysis, or troubleshooting.

Support for RDK-B

Manage RDK-based home gateway devices from the cloud using WebPA communications.

Device and Network Perspectives

Employ Network Device Manager’s predictive analytics to correlate device data with access data for an accurate demarcation of issues and solution approaches.


Discover the Advantages of Using Motive's Home Device Management

Home Device Managament Benefits

- Simplifies mass management of home devices with its field-proven carrier-class design.

- Enables true multi-vendor device support via TR-069 and TR-369/USP communications.

- Ensures compliance with service-level agreements by providing remote access to vital device information, enabling real-time diagnostic views, and automating home device monitoring and fault resolution capabilities.

- Gives customers a unique and consistent experience by hiding the complexity of home device management and simplifying customer experience.

- Enhances security by managing the firmware's full lifecycle and implementing continuous firmware upgrades at scale, which eliminates the devices' vulnerability and enhances the smart home security system.

- Prevents data breaches and user privacy through Anti-spoofing filtering.

- Accelerates Time-to-Value by replacing tech visits with remote network and device monitoring.

- Unlocks the digital value of the smart home ecosystem by giving CSPs access to new revenue streams beyond CPEs and home broadband, to management of next-generation IoT devices.

- Shortens the time to deploy device management services by taking advantage of Motive’s proven software-as-a-service solution.

- Reduces risk by using the same solution already deployed in the field by the world’s largest and most successful service operators.

- Provides real-time insights into device performance and health using extensive reporting and monitoring features, as well as integrated speed and latency testing capabilities.

Customer Highlight


Nokia’s Home Device Manager, Service Management Platform, and analytics solution enables BT’s roughly 6,000 care agents to remotely manage over 10 million WiFi connections, with more than 100 million actions taken each day to optimize the home broadband experience for BT’s customers.

Motive’s solution has been really powerful in helping our advisers understand if there are any problems that might be preventing the service from performing at its best so that they can confidently resolve them. We’re thrilled with the customer experience improvements.
BT Product Director