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MotiveApril 8, 20243 min read

Motive is reborn following carve-out of Nokia’s device and service management businesses

New company to extend leadership in

IoT, mobile, eSIM/iSIM device, and broadband markets


Austin, TX – April 8, 2024 – Following its carve-out of Nokia’s device and service management business, Lumine Group has created a stand-alone pure-play technology company called Motive, restoring and re-energizing the company’s original founding brand. With more than a hundred top-tier customers worldwide, hundreds of thousands of device models recognized, and billions of endpoints under administration, Motive uniquely has the scale, expertise, and experience required to lead the device and service management market.


The newly formed business will leverage its decades long presence in the space to deliver best-in-class software and customer experience solutions to communication service providers around the globe. The company will focus on managing the devices that move our world forward, including next-generation IoT and mobile endpoints, the latest broadband consumer premises equipment, and a surging variety of eSIM (embedded) and iSIM (integrated) devices. The potential for growth in the device and service management market remains substantial, with emergent opportunities in smart cities, smart utilities, asset management, transportation, and industrial applications, as well as business-to-consumer services.


David Sharpley, CEO at Motive, said: “We are proud to announce the rebirth and reinvigoration of the Motive brand, with a focus on innovating in growth areas within the device and service management industry. Motive’s mission is to help our customers grow revenue faster, while automating their customer experience across all engagement channels.”  


Motive’s solutions simplify the management of services related to large and fragmented device populations by spanning and integrating different networks, device types, brands, and applications. The company’s software is used to onboard, monitor, control, and automate the complete device management lifecycle, empowering operators to deliver a better customer experience via call centers, portals, and apps, as well as self-care enablement. This alleviates operational burdens on communication providers, reduces customer resolution times, lowers operational costs, and puts the power of self-care in the hands of the subscriber.


Motive’s product suite features cloud-native software, which may be deployed as hosted and fully-managed software-as-a-service solutions or on-premises. Products include:

  • Service Management Platform: Elevates customer care and cuts call center operational expenses by making device related issues, workflows, and service activities visible across all channels.
  • Home Device Management: Remotely manages customer premise equipment (CPE) to unlock home broadband digital value and drive growth through the automation of smart home devices.
  • IMPACT IoT: Unifies the management of highly diverse and complex IoT applications with scalable device management, data collection and analytics, and application integration software.
  • IMPACT Mobile: Securely manages a vast array of mobile devices through the entire device lifecycle, while providing robust support for the growing population of eSIM-enabled devices.
  • eSim/iSIM Provisioning: Provides end-to-end subscription management by coordinating the onboarding, provisioning, and administration of subscription profiles for eSIM (embedded) and iSIM (integrated) devices.

Device and service management activities across the full device landscape can be orchestrated from one comprehensive solution, delivering both savings and revenue generation opportunities to users of the Motive platform.


For more information on Motive and its products, please contact us at or visit our website at


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Motive is reborn following carve-out of Nokia’s device and service management businesses.


About Motive

Motive was founded on a relentless drive to remove the cost and complexity of managing today’s digital services. Our intelligent device management, service management, and automation software lets companies create self-managing services that can install, configure, repair and update themselves to simplify the process of managing very large and fragmented device landscapes. We enable our customers to reach millions of consumers around the globe and establish ongoing relationships that sell more products and build brand loyalty. Motive provides solutions and services to many of the largest companies in the world and our systems remain the most trusted, secure, flexible, and performant systems available in the marketplace. Motive is an independent business unit within Lumine Group (TSXV: LMN). The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and maintains a global workforce. (Visit


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